Soil Association Accreditation

We are happy to announce that we have gained Organic Certification from the Soil Association.

Organic Certificate

Organic Certificate


Any food product sold as ‘organic’ in the EU has to comply with a set of Standards. Organic certification is a requirement to demonstrate a product or operation has met these legal standards. The Soil Association symbol is a recognised and trusted mark of organic certification internationally, and as a certification body we deliver certification to some of the highest organic standards.

Who is organic certification for?

If you’re processing or marketing an organic food or drink product, EU regulations require you to be licensed. The term ‘processing’ includes:

  • manufacturing
  • packing or re-packing
  • storing
  • importing (from non-EU countries)
  • wholesaling/trading
  • labelling organic products
  • selling loose produce or zero waste operations

Operations such as warehousing, storage and distribution will also need to be licensed if handling organic products.

What do organic standards cover?

Organic standards look at all aspects of organic food manufacturing and production, storage and sales. The Soil Association Certification organic standards cover the EU’s organic regulations (EC 834/2007 & EC 889/2008) and include some additional, higher standards in some key areas e.g. livestock production, GM, additives and packaging.