Happy New Year!

The wet and windy weather is continuing into 2014 here in the UK, and after our great British climate tried its best to make the Christmas rush as difficult as possible, we now just want to see an end to the disruption caused by the wind and flooding – fingers crossed!!  At least the days are getting longer (hard to tell, I know), and now the New Year is here, we are busy working with our customers on their spring stock & promotions; so whilst it might still be nasty outside, it’s great to be planning for balmy days ahead.

It is exciting times for us, as we continue to work on implementing a large new customer here at our Ipswich site, so that they can be fully operational by April this year.  Another fabulous reason to be looking beyond our current wintery weather to all that spring will bring!!  So a Happy New Year to all – and let’s ignore the blustery skies and look forward to all that’s to come –  including some sun – hopefully!!!